It’s my favorite time of year! There’s something about starting fresh… starting new that I absolutely love. What better way to spread cheer than Jingle Juice!

Next year, 2021, I’m looking forward to Spring. I can’t wait to visit the local flower fields to photograph California’s state flower; the poppy. Or the ranunculus fields down in San Diego, California. But you’re here for the Jingle Juice, not the flowers!

If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional photographer, check out my blog post;
Does Your Business Need a Professional Photographer?

We invited our close friends over for a very small, intimate, Christmas celebration. We had gingerbread cookies and a hot cocoa bar for the kids and Jingle Juice and a friendly game of Cards Against Humanity.

This Jingle Juice recipe is so easy to make. The flavor is refreshing and delicious, and it’s absolutely beautiful with little effort! Everyone is sure to love this delicious and festive beverage.

Jess Griffin drinking Jingle Juice in Pottery Barn bed

Jingle Juice Recipe

64 Ounces Cran-Apple Juice
1 750-ml White Moscato
1 750-ml bottle Prosecco
2 Cups Vodka
2 12 oz bags Fresh Cranberries (for four people)
1 package mint leaves
1 Orange sliced
1 Cinnamon Stick per person
1/2 C granulated sugar, for rimming glasses
1 lime, sliced into rounds

Combine all liquid ingredients in a beverage dispenser like this one from Target. It made self serve so easy!

Etched Snowflake from DrinkingStraw.Glass

I absolutely loved putting this drink together. All the little garnishes made me so happy! I sliced an orange and dried it a few days prior to the dinner. I used a dehydrator but you can use the oven as well. Just stick it in the oven at 135ºF until crisp and leathery.

Start by sugaring the rim of the glass. Then add one Cinnamon Stick and one Orange Slice, 1/3C of frozen Cranberries, and a few leaves of mint. Finally, fill the glass with Jingle Juice to your desired amount.

Drink responsibly!

Blessings to you & yours for an amazing 2021!

December 31, 2020

Jingle Juice Recipe + Client Photos: Glass Drinking Straws

Professional photography is an investment. And like any financial decision with your business, it takes serious consideration before making the leap.

So how do you know if your business would benefit from professional photography? High-quality images can make or break your social media presence, increase your business’ reputability and even garner more sales. If photography isn’t your strong suit, it may be time to turn to someone who has all the tools to create beautiful images that reflect your brand and style.

Ask yourself these five questions to evaluate whether a professional photographer is a smart and worthwhile decision for your business.

Cookies created by @AmberCakes_Goodies

1. Do you want to gain a stronger following on social media?

No matter what caption you use and what words you say, your images are what take the cake on social media. A professional photographer can help you to create a cohesive look and style. A professional photographer doesn’t just snap photos — he or she will also edit them and make sure they reflect your brand. Do you want light and airy images or bold and colorful? Once your images are in place and you’re consistently sharing great content on social media, your following will grow and your likes and engagement will increase as well.

Rings available from @BettyBelts

2. Do clients ask questions about what your products look like?

When selling a physical product, a potential buyer is going to want a clear look at the item they’re purchasing. If clients are asking you questions about the items you sell despite having images, it could be a sign that your photos aren’t up to par.

A professional photographer will make sure the lighting is perfect and can photograph products in a way that accentuates certain colors, angles or features.

@MStreetBakingCompany located in Howell, Michigan

3. Do you have the proper equipment to take your own photographs?

An iPhone might do just fine for your personal social media. However, to get professional-quality images you really need professional gear. A DSLR is the first step in the right direction. Most importantly, professional photographers have multiple lenses, flashes, reflectors and backdrops to make your photo dreams a reality.

Having the right gear is only part of the equation, but you also need to know how to use it properly. If you’re not 100 percent confident in your skills, it may be time to turn to a professional.

Jewelry available from @NaturesTwist

4. Is taking photos consuming too much of your time?

Your job is running your business — not being a photographer. If photography is stressing you out, it’s time to delegate. Don’t let your time be consumed by a chore you’re not passionate about. It’s clear in this situation, your business will benefit from a professional photographer. A professional can take the weight off your shoulders. If you’re working with the right photographer, you’ll be able to share your vision and watch it come to life through their lens.

Glass Drinking Straws available from @GlassDrinkingStraws

5. Do you feel like your images aren’t an accurate representation of your business and aesthetic?

If you’re struggling to portray your business through imagery, a professional photographer can help. Having a strong brand means that all elements of your business are cohesive. Photographs are a major piece of that branding puzzle. That can also include portraits of you and your employees, behind-the-scenes images of how your business works and more. Don’t let bad photography be the downfall of your business!

So, does your business need a professional photographer? I hope these five questions help as you consider whether or not your brand and business could benefit from professional photography. If you’re on the fence or ready to take the leap, I’d love to help guide you and answer any questions you may have! Reach out and let’s chat, I can’t wait to hear from you!

May 1, 2019

Does Your Business Need a Professional Photographer

You want to look your best for a portrait session whether you’re looking to portray a creative spirit or a data-driven professional, the way you’re styled and photographed can really drive your brand home. Professional portraits speak volumes about your brand and business.

And while some people love being in the spotlight and in front of the camera, others shy away from the attention. It doesn’t matter which group you fall into, you can shine in a professional portrait when you’re prepared and working with the right photographer.

So here are 6 ways to look your best for a portrait session.

1. Choose the Right Outfit

ways to look your best for a portrait session by jessica griffin photography southern california product photographer
Nature’s Twist

Just as much as your portrait is capturing you, it also captures your style and personality, much of which can be conveyed by your outfit. Choose clothing that reflects your brand and flatters your body. If you’re a designer who loves neutrals, a vibrant and colorful outfit won’t fit with the rest of your business. If you’re a suit-wearing business professional, a boho outfit might not work on your website and professional materials.

Along with choosing the right clothing to match your brand, you should also steer away from tiny prints because they generally don’t photograph as well as solids or larger prints.

2. Accessorize!

Chunky necklaces, a blazer or sweater, bold earrings, and a fun lip color can make your portrait pop. They’re also great ways to have variety in a single shoot: swap out a necklace, take off your cardigan or pull your hair back for a completely different look in your photos. Pick some of your favorite pieces and make sure that, whatever you pick, you feel confident in it.

3. Invest in Professional Hair & Makeup

ways to look your best for a professional portrait session with Jessica griffin photography product photographer in orange county
Senior Portrait Session

Your day-to-day hair and makeup look might not cut it for a photoshoot. Invest in an appointment with a professional hair stylist and makeup artist to make sure you’re looking your very best. Working with a professional doesn’t mean that you have to change your look — it means your look will be elevated! A professional can give you a natural look or a glam makeover, making sure that it’s suited for some time in front of the camera.

Pay attention to the little details such as your nails (treat yourself to a manicure!) and eyebrows (do they need to be waxed?) as well. The small things make a big impact in a photograph.

4. Focus on Posture

A great photographer will make sure that you’re posed perfectly, but there are few things to keep in mind to make it easy. Pull your shoulders back and stand up straight and tall. Help define your jawline by pushing your chin out slightly — even if it feels silly while you’re doing it, it can translate beautifully into the image. And no matter what, trust your photographer! He or she will really help you look your best.

5. Be Yourself!

You should be in your ultimate comfort zone while having your photograph taken. If you’re generally a serious person, don’t force fake laughter to get a candid laughing image. Does your personality radiate joy? Let that shine through in the images! When you’re stiff and uncomfortable, that will shine through more than your true personality. So let loose, be the star and enjoy your photo session!

6. Find the Right Photographer

My husband and second shooter, Alex.

Shop around to find a photographer who you mesh with. You want to work with someone who will bring out the best in you. The goal is being comfortable, making you look (and feel) your best for a portrait session. It’s essential that you’re 100 percent comfortable with your photographer. You need to feel like you can truly be yourself around this person.

Look at different photographers’ styles to find one that matches your own. Photographers are artists in the way they shoot and process their images. Think of choosing your photographers like choosing an artist who is painting a picture of you and your brand.

Following these six tips, you’re sure to rock your photoshoot. Check out my portrait page to get a taste of my style. Feel free to reach out for more information! I’d love to answer any questions you have about the process to make your experience enjoyable and fulfilling.

April 16, 2019

6 Ways to Look Your Best for a Portrait Session

6 ways to look your best for a portrait session

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